How the hell does morale work?


Posted on Monday, December 15, 2014

Firstly, when playing as the Yor or any synthetic race goods and services does not make sense at all, maybe just services?

 I find morale in general is just harder to understand than before, at first glance its as complex as galciv2...and I think that's a true statement. The last build was super flawed and made it way to easy but had something worthy of keeping, that was plain percentages. When my approval was at 69% I saw a easy to understand list of grievances that added up to 31%. It was simple adding and subtracting. That more felt real to me than it is now.

Now its just not that simple, or fun. It has become one of those stressful things can make you say, "shit not again!" or "How the hell does this work?!". I over populated before turn ten with the Yor and thought both these things. The regular races have nearly the same issue. I saw a pattern in the beginning, but as population increased it became unpredictable.

All I would like to see is something more explanatory and simpler than what it is. Currently I can't figure out the system and the bonuses are weird amounts. I have absolutely no useful suggestions on how it should be fixed, as I am truly lost on this matter. Just make sure its consistent all the time, don't make the galciv2 mistake again.


DARCA ;- )