[.60] New sound effects... a bit heavy on the bass?

Posted on Thursday, December 11, 2014

Anyone else feel that the new sound effects, such as clicking on a planet, building a improvement, putting something in the starbase queue... that the new audio that goes with them is a bit heavy on the bass?  

Now, in personal taste in music, I like a lot of bass.  But things have to be in balance.  (I use bose speakers, with no extra EQ, either on my computer or on my speakers.)  I like the new sound effects.  It is just that some of them come off a bit loud... especially with the lower end.  Basically, I think there needs to be some EQ tweaking to make the sound effects in balance with the rest of the game audio. 


edit:  In the settings, the SFX Volume slider doesn't have any effect.  I have taken to turning off the SFX.  I like them a lot.  But if I turn it up high enough to really hear some of the crisp ones (such as the sound effects upon clicking the turn button), then the item selection, building sounds, etc... are just too loud (in comparison).