WANTED: Ship Engineers

Offering my race as mercenaries in your navy!

Posted on Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hello I am hoping to find some ship engineers with some time to help a fellow conqueror.

As a long time fan of the series I have enjoyed all the effort that goes into this game and the community is extremely devoted and first rate!

While having played for many years I have never had the time to actually sit and design with the ship editor.

Several friends and I have played tabletop strategy games such as StarFleet Battles for many years and I am hoping to help re-create that in electronic form for us as we are all separated by work, family, and distance. Perhaps GC3 is the way for us to recreate the glory days!

The following image is the basic concept I am looking for, if this seems like a project you are interested in please have at it!

If anyone is interested I could share the back story on this race if you want some ideas for design, just let me know!

Bonus points for anyone that knows where this image originally comes from!

I can't wait to conquer the galaxy in your ship designs using your name as my battlecry! (Could be interesting with some of the names here!)