Star names...suck to be honest. :3

3776 stars, and the journey of one man to right a wrong.

Posted on Saturday, November 22, 2014

I started a game and was having fun as the iridium (love them ) BUT after a few turns and was colonizing I scrolled over some odd names. In fact all the stars in my area had fubar names like; xhxl558; Ragnarokchu; LordAreon; Xelni Jota. Seriously?

The realization that they sucked and people were not over reacting from previous complaints nearly made me laugh...because I'm like that. (lol) More seriously though, its going to be a first impression for many people, and its the type of random annoying thing that breaks immersion and makes you say, "WTF?!?" There are others that shouldn't be in either, like Hoth also known as random star name 57, and alderan, Rumpestildskin, Sauron, Sobek-Re. Sobek-Re sounds familiar more than others though. And they aren't even founders names, they are SD made! (still better than gizmotechnica)

Realistically, founders star names begin at 532 and there are 3776 names so SD would need to replace 7/8ths of the names and i don't think its possible nor do they want to do something that boring. Luckily I am editing out all the shit for those that are lazy, yet demanding that star names be serious. Consider it my Christmas present.

More specifically regular names like Harper (love that name) and Katie I'm leaving, no one should have a problem with a name that might already be a star in real life. It also makes absolutely no sense to bug me about when I'll be done because I'll share it at release only, when mods are working and it will just make more sense. (and I'm busy as bees.)


1. Edit star names.

2. Give out star names.

3. Rejoice.


DARCA ;- )