eXpand - feels more like catch-as-catch-can then a 4x title

Posted on Thursday, October 30, 2014



I'm wondering if someone else has similar problems with the early rushing out practice to get the last availible colonies before AI is explosively expanding it's zone of control.

Doesn't make sense to just explore the galaxy and plan your expanding empire. You have to rush out and colonize every single availible planet before the AI is approaching. You defenetly get no second chance otherwise. This is horrible and feels like all AI players act like robotic swarming grasshoppers. This aspect really cuts off the funny part of this otherwise quite interesting game. 

Next argument is, that the whole galaxy is divided, before you even develop the needed tech to found a huge space empire. In most cases I only have Ion drive when the whole thing is settled and all availible colonys are gone. Why not limiting the distances one is able to fly from home or let's say from drydocks at least. Other then now, only with more advanced drives it should be possible to reach the farthest star systems.

Why not having enviromental one has to research the needed tech to settle on different planets. I mean, there should be at least a comfort zone for your race, while other parts (ice, desert, vulcanoid, oceanic aso.) may start to get colonized the more you invest in colonyzing tech. 

(Allready mentioned the lack of racial diversity, as all players do more act like different faction of a single race instead of different species. All do compete on the same habitable planets with simply the same # of build slots. Seems to me like a missing design pattern...)

So, do we get some more flavor, in-depth development on this exciting and long-term interesting part of the game?