Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 2 Patch 0.51

Posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

*** RELEASED 10/23/2014 ***

A bugfix and optimization patch for the Galactic Civilizations III beta is now available. Log into Steam to automatically patch your game.



Tab now ends your turn if there is no actions pending


Major Fixes

Fixed lots of crashes (thank you all for submitting crash information, it has been invaluable)

Memory utilization significantly reduced (30% less memory needed)

Game loads and shuts down much faster



Fixed a crash in multiplayer when 3 players are trading at once

Fixed a desync in multiplayer if the player have their autosave turns set differently

Fixed a stuck turn caused by the AI trading techs with each other

Fixed a crash in battle confirmation

Fixed a desync in multiplayer from declaring war by moving onto another players ship

Fixed a crash from Galactic Events that target planets

Fixed an ittermittant crash from the Patent Boards UP resolution

Fixed a crash when Pirates capture shipyards

Fixed an issue where the game could display the map before being fully loaded

Fixed an occasional crash when going into the planet screen

Fixed a bad value on the Xeno Archiology module which made relics 500% better than they were supposed to be

Fixed an issue where double click on the shipyard/starbase in main list didn't do anything

Fixed an endless eject popup loop issue

Fixed a crash from cancelled battles

Fixed a stuck turn when the AI has a battle planned

Shutdown happens much faster

Fixed an issue where treaty income wasn't being correctly saved

Fixed a crash if you were moving to a rally point and deleted the rally point

Fixed a crash if you closed the govern planet screen with hotkeys, then started a new game and opened the planet screen

Fixed an issue where oyu could colonize a planet more than once

Fixed an issue where the population popup wasnt appearing for upgraded constructors departing planets

Fixed a crash when unlocking the Persuasion ideology

Fixed a crash when the United Planets Headquarters resolution ends



Fixed inverted normal maps on flipped UV's (ie: this graphics programmer talk for "the ships look better now")

Removed the "Planet Name" debug string on the planet screen

Approval tooltip in the upper right now shows population growth

Awarded improvements are no longer shown as rushed or about to be completed in queues

Better strategic resource tooltip formatting

Prettier stat breakdowns that illustrate that indented entries are breakdowns of substats

Fixed a mismatched new income preview calculation in govern window vs real-life calculation

Fixed a nonsense number of defending ships in the planet tooltip