[Beta2] List of typos

Posted on Monday, October 20, 2014



"Everything is harder on the surface of an alien world. But nothing [is] so difficult that it can't be surpassed by Altarian ingenuity."


"Advanced farms will enable us to grow more food than ever before, even on the strange alien worlds Altarians now so often find themselves [on]."


"Discovering a new Precursor relic often boosts the local economy, as manufacturers scramble to replicate a its appearance or effects. If we study what's most marketable, we might be able to increase this economic effect a bit."


"Reduces starport[shipyard] decay rate."


"Starports[Shipyards] are very expensive to maintain. Cost savings should be straightforward to find, allowing money to be spent elsewhere to perhaps greater effect."


"Our latest shield systems provide far more protection then[than] earlier deflectors, and are now capable of stopping incoming ordnance and beams rather than just deflecting them."


"In our ongoing efforts to keep our crews safe, we've invented a composite which has incredible damage absorption potential, which we call Durantium. Our armor systems will now be much tougher."{Isn't Durantium mined?}


"By better understanding the history of the Precusors[Precursors], we can begin taking steps to make our race even greater than it already is."


"Now that we've observed the impact that Precusor[Precursor] relics have on our society, we can coax Altarians to react to them in very specific ways."


"Expanding the scale of our micro gravity construction has proven to be a challenging but rewarding exercise. And recently, our construcion[construction] managers have found a few ways we can begin building even more efficiently."


"Drone systems provide incredible proteciton[protection] against missile attacks. But no system is perfect, and our engineers believe we can still find cost or weight savings in these systems."


"We are masters of civilized debate and rational thinking, and all of Altaria benefits for it. So great is our powers of self-control that the most advanced polticial[political] footings are now available to us."