[0.50] Bug reports / Suggestions

Posted on Friday, October 17, 2014

I post here any bugs as I discover them in game


Global Events : Last line of text appears only in half

Planet list / Build Queue : Long text does not appear correctly, for example Xeno Research Laboratory where Laboratory goes in the next line making text appearing in half bottom and top of the words.

Buildings : Even after the research of new buildings the obsolete ones still exist. You are forced to build the old ones and upgrade them. Is this a bug or it was made intentionally? Because it exists from previous versions. I hope it will be fixed.

Ideology: Descriptions do not appear correctly. They are half hidden. Look at Malevolence tree, greed, intimidation, terror and more on other trees. Note that this happens either instantly either few seconds later.




When adding sponsors in shipyard make possible to use Shift and Ctrl keys so we can add multiple planets.
Add a launch point selection so we can choose where ships will be launced like in GC2.


When sending a constructor in a starbase give the option to the player to upgrade or just let it go inside. 

Research Screen

As much I like the little robot it remembers me another robot from WALL-E movie.. it would be much better to go directly to research screen.



Users who want to report bugs you are welcome to do it here.