Beta 2 First Comments

Posted on Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wish I could post more tonight, but have to work tomorrow.  Will play and post more this weekend.

  • Love the new choices for customizing a game and the ability to change victories conditions within the game.
  • (Playing on Huge map as Terrans)
  • On the galaxy map, some stars are showing pixilation through the FOW.  Okay, these are black holes.  Bug still exists.
  • Game crash to desktop when I selected Earth the first time in a new game.  Crash did not repeat after starting another new game.
  • The Manufacturing Queue is still not dynamically updating as the planet production is changed.  Dynamic updating would really help us see what effect changes in planet production will cause to planet improvement build times.  Currently have to leave Planet screen and open again (or cycle between planets when we have more than 1) to see the changes.
  • In the first turn, I got some “stutters” on the main map when I grabbed and moved it while a ship was moving.  I was able to repeat the stutter occasionally when grabbing and moving the main map quickly.
  • When a shipyard is built, it would help if the screen auto-centered on the shipyard so I can be sure which sponsor to select.  Yes, I know the planet on the top of the list should be the closest, but would still like to be sure, especially when I colonize more than one planet in a turn.
  • Several text box issues on the ideology screen (boxes are too small for some text).
  • The benevolent ideology seems overpowered compared to the other ideologies.  I notice that I am actually selecting early ideologies from all three trees (benevolent for approval, pragmatic for research, malevolence for production).
  • I do like how the ships don’t wiggle anymore.
  • Maybe it’s just this game, but most of the choices I’m getting when I colonize a planet favor benevolence.  I’m not a benevolent kind of guy (at least in video games). The other ideologies can have some significant penalties (especially to approval and growth, which are critical in the early game).
  • I've encountered another race (shared border) but have not seen any ships and diplomacy has not triggered.  I do have Universal Translator.

That all for tonight (should have been asleep two hours ago; thanks, guys).