Diplomatic relations and relative military strength

Posted on Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm watching the dev stream from last week now and I'm at the point where they talk about how the player having a weaker military makes the Iridium take a more hostile stance towards them, and I had a thought. I don't know if it's too complex or anything, but I'd like to see how a rival civ responds to something like that be effected by the disposition of the civ in question's ruler and/or ruling class and/or public. So for example one rival might respond to you having a more powerful military than them deferentially while another might be spooked by the same power differential and get into an arms race against you and/or seek to build a grand coalition against you etc and another might appear deferential while working against you behind the scenes. And one might respond to you having a weaker military than them by seeing you as an easy target for conquest while another gets all protective, etc.

It would also be kinda cool if the disposition of civs - or of societies, ruling classes and individual rulers if they were going to break it down like that - changed over time, whether suddenly in response to events or more gradually.