[Bug] Ideology

Can't unlock or exit via done

Posted on Saturday, September 27, 2014

I ran into a case where the Ideology screen would not allow me to exit.

Here are the circumstances:

  • Benevolent:
    • The root of the tree had been unlocked
    • Benevolent points = 30
    • The next items cost 29
  • Pragmatism
    • No items unlocked
    • Pragmatism points = 20
  • Malevolent
    • The root of the tree had been unlocked
    • Malevolent points = 22

The unlock and done buttons remained unselectable no matter what action was taken.  Further, <esc> or other keys would not allow exiting the interface.  I had to kill the GCIII application in task manager to exit the game.

FWIW, previously I also encountered crash when interacting with the benevolent interface.  However, no crash dump was generated.  Moving to an auto saved game, then proceeding from a saved point allowed for making it past the crash point.