Wasteland 2 key giveaway

Other stuff too?

Posted on Friday, September 19, 2014

First, not sure if this is proper place for this. But I don't think that I'm hurting anyone so... er... don't sue me? Please?

Apparently, I'm entitled to two digital keys for Wasteland 2 due to Kickstarter tier. First one is for me (had to reboke Steam beta thingie to get my GoG version) but I'd hate to let the second one to go to waste. The Ranger Center tells me that I can choose between Steam or GoG for this second key. And I'm guessing that much like the first one, it's for a Digital Deluxe version.

Not sure how gifting works in any case but if someone wants a free game and is ready to be patient with me (and most probably provide me with their e-mail? username?), I'm sure that I can figure it out.

I can see that my digital copy also includes "Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade: The Bard's Tale gift code" and "Wasteland 2 Digital Classic Edition Upgrade: Wasteland 1 gift code". I already have Wasteland 1 in GoG (gift), so I guess this is another copy? Willing to give it away if someone wants it too. I have The Bard's Tale in Steam (gift) but as I haven't played it yet, I don't know if I want a GoG copy or not.

So if you want something I have, just post here. For Wasteland 2, I need to know if you want it for Steam or GoG (I'm going to be nice and not force you to use GoG). Wasteland 1is GoG so I hope you don't mind (It's free!!!). This is not a race so it's not a "First In, First Out" case. In about 5-24 hours (to give some time to late comers) I'll pick (somehow?) someone and deliver. I value orthography in requests.