Some quick first thought on Beta

Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014

1. Would like to pan all the way out to observe the entire galaxy. Overall shape and layout is vital for strategic planning of expansion and for targeting the enemy. I miss this mini map feature from Galiv 2.

2. Would like to be able to select sets of planets, stations, docks, or ships via click-drag and cntrl-click and then be able to cycle through the subset to help with spatially explicit management such as updating builds specific to the enemy in that region.

3. Star map feels too regular with all the perfectly centered point placements. Also hex resolution is too fine/busy and obscures the sense of traveling through space. I would prefer grid lines surrounding clusters of seven hexes and the interior left appearing as open space or at least have the hex lines more transparent.

4. Would like a scroll list of all tech choices without having to click different categories to view all the options - much better for pondering.