A more realistic future

Event suggestions

Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014

I have some concerns and advice about the way that events are in GC2 that might surface in GC3 as well.

A lot of the events make it clear that manpower (or slaves) is the main driving force of production and industry in the future. I think this is stupid for a few reasons, which I'll get into.

First off, even today machines are taking people's jobs, as they are cheaper to run and more efficient than fleshy meatbag humans, making many people redundant. Tractors, industrial plows, seed drills etc, Forklifts, robotic production lines and today automated tills, and even self-driving cars. The industrial revolution made agriculture employ very few people. Similarly, most all production jobs will eventually be done by machines, leaving most people unemployable through no fault of their own. The transportation sector for example is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) hirer of people, and very soon that can and will be automated. Robots are safer, more efficient and don't text and drive.

In GC man power is considered the main source of industrial output still, and this is a rather stoneage view for such an advanced civilization (unless you're like the drengi or something, because you don't have to pay slaves and they're kind of bastards) When in reality it would all be robots. Most if not all people would have to have a background in engineering and research, and even then their jobs would be at risk, as robots would be able to do their job more efficiently eventually, self replicate and optimize themselves, leaving a vast unemployable mass of potential colonists, volunteers and zero-outlook bored people which it will be your job to basically just keep entertained whilst the robots do the work and pave the way for their comfortable living.

Millions of lives should not be lost in events with the potential to net you serious bc or industry bonuses, because we have robots to do the dangerous work for us, and they can do it better.

Don't mean to be blunt.. but people are kind of redundant