Governors and Approval

Posted on Saturday, September 6, 2014

Okay, I lied in another post; I am going to talk about approval because it brings up a concern about how planetary governors are going to work and the need to reduce micromanaging of planets.  Below is Earth at turn 551.  Approval is 100%.  My production is focused on manufacturing and research with just enough wealth to keep my approval at 100%.

So, here is what I would want my planetary governor to do: Maintain just enough wealth to keep approval at 100% and split the rest 50-50 between manufacturing and research.  Adjust this automatically as conditions on the planet change (say I build a troop transport that reduces the population), and adjust as empire-wide events cause approval to change.

Right now, I have to do this manually for every planet.  It is a chore!  (Not fun.)  Will the governors be smart enough to allow me to automate this with the level of detail that makes it useful?

Now look at the planet Cremor I.

Notice that with wealth at 100% of my production, I can still only manage 19% approval.  (This is the only planet where I am having this problem, including other Ghost Worlds.)

Now look at the bonuses to wealth the planet is receiving.

Finally, look at the penalties and the total approval (I REALLY don't understand this).

I could build more wealth improvements, but that would seem a waste given that the planet has a major research bonus.  What am I missing?