Reporting Feedback and Game Issues in the Forums

Posted on Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I wanted to take a moment and make a post about reporting feedback, ideas, and issues with the GalCiv3 game, since some have been asking if we actually read the feedback given.

The answer is a big yes.  The dev team including Lead Designer Paul Boyer (mormegil) and Producer Ray Bartos (Raynman) read the feedback given in the feedback and support forums. Whether it's a user-requested feature or a technical issue, we take the feedback and see what can be incorporated or that the technical issue is logged and resolved.  There are also other team members including myself that monitor the forums and bring up items that need to be addressed.

I also want to let everyone the proper areas to provide feedback.  Keeping order in the forums with all these posts makes reading and collecting feedback that much easier, so please try to post to the appropriate forums described below.

Early Access Feedback

This forum is for design feedback, or any other feedback related to the gaming experience with Galactic Civilizations III.

Support Forum

If you have a bug or any other technical issue with the game, this is the forum to post to.  Please read the support FAQ before posting, and information on starting a support ticket and posting the issue is contained there.

We appreciate all the feedback we are getting, and please keep it coming!