Will Gal Civ III be Optimized for Multi Core computers?

Posted on Friday, August 29, 2014

So I have built my own computers since 99'. I currently use an I5 3570K over clocked a bit. I am now looking at the new i7's for my next build (next year). 


Ahem,.. 8 core processors, Lots of ram (32?) and a 500 gig SSD to play on. Oh and I guess two Nvidia 780 gtx in SLI but ill see what the market has then. 


Will Gal Civ III make use of all those idling extra cores or threads? I really want the game to make use of all the resources it (potentially) could  have available. 


I want the AI to OUT THINK ME and beat me till I whine and cry here on the forums and go back and lower the difficulty settings. Well I do that now so perhaps just optimizations for fluid gameplay?


One can hope....