My first AAR

Yes, I know its Beta

Posted on Monday, August 25, 2014

Terran Large Galaxy Enemy Drengin

     Emperor Ryat stood over the satellite view of his homeworld Earth. What he saw made him want to cry. The Drengin had pulverized the beautiful blue jewel of the Sol System after shattering much of the colonies of Earth. Not that humans hadn't done much the same in response. Both sides had destroyed each other in an epic clash across the galaxy. But to see his homeworld shattered so was truly painful. It reminded him of his wife. When the Drengin had taken over Earth they were brutal in their occupation of Earth. They had eaten his wife alive in front of him all the while taunting him that he was next.

     How he escaped he couldn't remember aside from a brief explosion and human resistance troops attacking the group of Drengin that had him imprisoned. Nor did he remember much of his journey to his shattered home and lab. Just the burning anger and will to live to see every Drengin dead. It was when he got to his lab and remembered his research in genetics did his mind and memory crystallize in to his master plan. Through careful work and study he created the perfect super soldier. Himself.  He then was able to secure a vessel off Earth and escaped to the remaining human worlds. 

     From there he was able to consolidate his power quickly. Through the use of more super soldiers and technology salvaged from the Altarians he was able to lead the humans in a relentless crusade that devastated the galaxy. Much was lost in the orgasm of slaughter but the humans had survived. True they only had basic tech but it was enough to start over again. Which was important as the Drengin were still out there. And they would not wait for the humans to take their time.

      He turned and looked over the sarcophagus that was to hold his body in stasis freeing his mind to be connected to the great computers of Earth. From there, deep under the crust of Earth he would rule over the human race and lead them to victory over the Drengin and guide them beyond. He turned back to the command screen in his chambers and issued the last three orders in his mortal state. First was to order the construction of a Constructor vessel that would enable humanity to begin again the space industry. The second was the systematic slaughter of the sand sharks found on Mars with specialized defenses to stop future occurrences. Food production may be hindered but it was better then letting them continue to wander and kill off his citizens or worse, try to domesticate them. It would help in the protection of the planet but more citizens would be killed off in the process. The final was to research advance techniques in farming to help his people grow.

     Emperor Ryat turned back to the sarcophagus and got in while the attendants prepared him and connected him. With the sarcophagus sealed, his mind connected the great computers he let go of his physical body was born anew.

     And upon the great tower that had been built for the capital the symbol of the Phoenix went ablaze as if on fire. Humans were now reborn and from the ashes will arise again.