[Feedback][Major Flaw] Economy/Production, Farms Everywhere.

Posted on Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beta ver 0.41.2

Economy/Production system.

Currently, in GalCiv III, the Economy/Production system is entirely based on Population.

Explanation here: GalCiv III Economy 101.

"The Economy/Production formula works like this:

(Population * AllocationPercentage) * (1 + ImprovementMod + PlanetMod + StarbaseMod + RacialMod) = Output"

In the current version of the game, with this formula, the Population will always be the biggest modification factor.

This means it will always be better to increase the Population.

So, it's always better to build a Farm instead a Manufacturing/Research/Wealth Improvement.

You need/want more Manufacturing Points, build a Farm --> more Population, more Manufacturing Points.

You need/want more Research Points, build a Farm --> more Population, more Research Points.

You need/want more Wealth Points, build a Farm --> more Population, more Wealth Points.

You need/want more Approval, build a Farm --> more Population, more Wealth Points, more Approval.

All you need is Farms... ...Farms is all you need!


Here a saved game, just with Farms construction.

Galaxy Size: Small
Galaxy Type: Random
Opponents: 3
Intelligence: Godlike

No change to the default Production Spending for the whole game (Wealth/Research/Manufacturing 33% / 33% / 33% - Social/Military 50% / 50%).
No rush buy for Improvements.
No rush buy for Ships.
No Ship design (only default game ships).


The improvements should have base Production Points, and the formula should be changed so that the Improvement Production Points is always the biggest modification factor, the Population only increasing this factor.

Also, in the currrent formula, the PlanetMod and RacialMod are not so great modifiers (only added, not multipliers).
For example, the Racial Trait "Productive +2" (+25% Total Manufacturing) is less than an Industrial Sector (+30% Total Manufacturing).

So, the current formula should be revised, where the Improvement Production Points is the biggest modification factor, and where the Racial/Planet Event/Planet/Starbase/etc. bonuses have greater impact.

Example: (Population * Allocation Percentage) * (Improvement Production Points + Improvement Bonus) * (Racial Bonus + Planet Event Bonus + Planet Bonus + Starbase Bonus) = Output


Production Wheel. All or Nothing.

The current system for distribution of Production with the 3 interlinked "sliders" promotes the hyper specialization of planets.

Aside from the Population problem.

Choose the greater bonuses for a planet and totally specialize the planet (it does not really matter currently because they are not so very significant).

Ex: If the Planet/Civ/etc. bonuses for Manufacturing are 50%, and Planet/Civ/etc. bonuses for Research are 75%, choose to completely specialize the planet to Research by building only Research improvements, and set the planet spending to 100% Research once all the improvements are build.

By doing this, you avoid to pay Maintenance for Improvements you don't use (ex: if you build a planet with 50% Research and 50% Manufacturing improvements, and set the spending to 100% Research or 100% Manufacturing).

I think the 3 sliders should be completely independent and act as "Investment" sliders.


Also, change the order of size for values when percentages are used to avoid any rounding issues and other.

1 unit of Population (billion) produces 1 production point per turn.
--> 1 unit of Population (billion) produces 1000 production points per turn.