People on steam make me sad.

Posted on Friday, August 22, 2014

I guess they are simply a different type of gamer over there. I get that those of us here on the official Stardock forums are more motivated to help and or defend the game but over there they start out hostile and its a challenge to covey information without being cynical. 


They whine about no Tactical Combat, I mean really let it go, and move on.


They whine about the definition of what Beta means and if they are getting 'ripped off' by Stardock. My response is, its Beta because 'These developers say it is'.. but alas more QQ.


They whine about the price for a 'EA' (Early release?) and its some kind of scam. Really? Then don't purchase it....


I know we are invested with Steam and I get that it is an excellent distribution platform. I have worked in retail for 20 years and I have never delt with such a hostile crowd of folks. 


There is absolutely zero reason for this post other than to hear myself complain about complainers on another website, Ironic eh?


Anyway, keep up the good work Stardock. I liked the stream and I look forward to Raynman next week.