Galactic Civilizations III - Beta Patch 0.41 Patch Notes

Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Galactic Civilizations III beta patch 0.41 is now available. Log into your Steam client to automatically update your game.



Added the ability to Shutdown a Shipyard if you don't want it to be producing anything

Bloom is now enabled by default

Faction power entries now use the player's Steam name in multiplayer

Added stat breakdown tooltip for influence per turn in the planet context wnd



Fixed an issue that could cause people with embedded video cards to not display fonts correctly

Fixed an issue when ships are stacked, and one of them has a move you can not pass it unless you sort though the stack and move it manually out of the tile

Fixed an issue where stars in visited fog don't turn back into strategic icons after a reload

Fixed an issue where shipyards created free ships if it existed in another player's ZOC

Made a fix that significantly reduces late game turn times

Fixed a crash when selecting a docking ship

Tooltips in shipyard now correctly tint resource requirements red if some are tied up already

Fixed a gap in ship design tooltip if a colony ship hadn't been moused over yet

Fixed MP crash if a custom ship design was deleted, and asserts in SP for trying to use images that had been destroyed

Fixed an issue where if there are 4 players in the lobby and another human was added, the AI wouldn't get kicked out (so too many players)

Fixed being able to select disabled entries in a combobox using the mouse wheel

Fixed an issue where Incorrect manufacturing values from sponsors in shipyard wnd in game-within-game, caused by bad preview stats

Fixed an issue where stats and stationed fleets didn't update when switching starbases in starbase details screen

Fixed blinking tooltips in the planet screen yield areas

Made spacing for stat breakdown tooltips with no sources better, no more clipping

Fixed an issue where the planet tooltip didn't show influence per turn in correct spot, instead showed a different stat

Fixed an issue where you could enter the Upgrade screen for enemy ships through the fleet context screen

Fixed an issue where single multiplayer save game didn't show up in load screen until the second time the screen was pulled up

Fixed an issue where you could press Enter to leave the ideology screen without purchasing a trait