Thoughts about base movement in GalCiv3

Movement without engines

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014

After playing the beta I have some thoughts about the base movement compared to GalCiv2.


In GalCiv2 you can only move a unit one tile a turn if you don't give the unit extra engines, and this seems to be changed so far in GalCiv3.

I'd like to hear the reasoning behind the decission of increasing the base movement, because for me it makes prioritising better engines not so essential.

A good example is the constructors. First thing I do now is creating a new basic constructor with no engines, and I ALWAYS only produce this constructor model. It's alot cheaper and almost a non-brainer decission. Adding engines gives no benefit what so ever compared to being able to mass produce them, and get them out there alot earlier in a huger number. The same can be said about colony ships.


I'm hopefull base movement will be reduced to 1 tile a turn again, making engines alot more vital to the players strategical choices also earlier in the game.