We need a Wiki

and Bugtraq

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Folks -

As we get new people here, and things progress development-wise, we desperately need documentation.  Release notes aren't enough, and it's a real PITA to have to noodle around just to find the new things; that's not testing, that's wasting time.

In the old days, I'd say put up a FAQ, and update that. But that's so 1990. 

Rather, we need a Wiki. Something that us users can help maintain, to take the load off of devs, and cut down on redundancy in the forums.  But there does need to be some basic upload into the Wiki from StarDock folks to actually flesh out a basic understanding of how to play the game, as well as what new features are included (and how they work) in each build.

Also, I'd highly suggest that there be a Bug Tracking system made public (well, public to Beta people) for reports (which shouldn't necessarily be the same one as being used internally). Because, once again, Forums make a poor place to keep track of this stuff.

Both of these are trivial to stand up, it's just a matter of finding a hosting place to put them.   I'd even say that hooking them into the user authentication system here shouldn't be too hard, unless this site's backend is something really stupid.