My list of issues discovered in Beta 1

Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Apologies in advance if these have already been adressed - much more time poor lately and haven't been keeping up with the forums.



Text for Natural wonders tile is longer than area allowed

Idle colony - no way to pass

Confirm battle - only has Ok button?

Confirm battle doesn't take you to ship location

Can't pass idle fleets when stacked

Hovering over a shipyard doesn't display complete list of sponsors, only one

Can't double-click on a tech in the tech tree to confirm researching it

Can't change the shipyard which a planet is sponsoring, from the planet - need to make a list then go to shipyard 1, delete them as sponsors, and add them
to shipyard 2

In shipyard top right hand corner, the now building section is confused with the details of the currently selected ship from the Available Ships list -
looks like the ship currently built has the details of the currently selected ship.

Tech tree doesn't remember which field was selected last time, always returns to colonization

Hyperion logistics and Hyperios shrinker say "built on this planet" - should clarify

Amount of manufacturing to be contributed to a starbase is different in the add sponsors screen than it is in the "Manage" screen. The manage screen
doesn't appear to show the amount reduced by distance.

Starbase sponsors difficult to scroll

Should be a confirmation box when attempting to cancel the building of a ship which is already commenced. Also selection by clicking on is a bit iffy.

Would be nice to be able to scroll through starbases, in the same way as planets

In research screen, font for 6 turns looks like zero

Research tree: Soil Enhancement leades to Environmental Engineering leads to Soil Enhancement (Improvement) - confusing

Not possible to directly build the latest improvements? (Market center vs. Shopping center)

Mouse-over the approval screen, one of the factors is "Influance Growth" - spelling