A few thoughts on the beta

Posted on Monday, August 18, 2014

Played about 200 turns of my first beta game...overall some really nice improvements from the alpha. These are the things that particularly stood out to me at this stage. 


1. As far as I can tell there is currently no way to destroy/decommission shipyards? Also when trying to move shipyard I am sometimes unable to end turn as it prompts with 'shipyard orphaned' and then prompts for production.

2. When renaming stuff I should be able to type and then press enter to accept instead of having to press the done button.

3. It need to be clearer how to build the modules onto starbases. As far as I could see it does not state anywhere that they are built using more constructors, it should probably state it on the tooltip for the grayed out starbase modules (something like 'Constructor 0/1').

4. The tech tree need to be clearer...Why I am unable to currently research a tech (specifically when it is in a different age) should be stated when I click on it or something. I also feel that the tech ages need to be clearer overall and should show exactly how far from the next age/how far along in the current age I am.

5. Better fleet management options in the UI list/a specific tab listing all fleets (I assume this one is already on the way)

6. The 'dotted line' that shows the connection between planet and shipyard shows up despite there being fog of war making it easy to see where the AI/other player shipyards are located.

7. If I cancel a rushed improvement I do not receive any of the credits back (I have pressed the 'buy' button by accident before).

8. There needs to be more sorting options for planets in the planet list (list by highest production, wealth, research).


No doubt some of these have been mentioned elsewhere. Thanks for the fun beta