[Bug] [Beta 1] Planet Screen - Planetary bonus tooltip not showing up correctly.

Posted on Sunday, August 17, 2014

So I just started a beta game, played for about an hour, and while upgrading locations on my planets, I saw an error twice.  Once on my home planet (poor Southern Africa, giving bonus to research that I didn't even know about), and then again on the best planet I found so far (the spot just to the north east of the farm is Mineral rich).


These spots have bonuses, but no indicator on the actual hex on the world map screen.  I only noticed the bonueses when I went to build on those squares.  Mousing over the hex does make the tool tip pop up, and obviously the bonus appears in the indicator in the top right hand corner fo the screen.  It's just the hex that seems to be lacking the visual indicator that I would much appreciate.


Anyone else seeing this?