My Beta 1 Experience

Posted on Friday, August 15, 2014

So far I've played around 2 hours of the beta, here are my thoughts...  Keep in mind some things have been already mentioned in other posts...

1.  Need edge scrolling...  (this is versus the click and hold to move the view of the map)

2.  Bug...  When quickly building many ships, and sending them to colonize many worlds this bug occurs...  Does not show ship in route past 6 ships so one may be sending ships to the same world and not realizing.

3.  Bug...  When using the various modify world tiles, it displays a tile in the bottom right corner of the planet screen that shows available to build, this tile is half on the map half off and is unable to select.

4.  Possible bug...  It appears that the options or none, rare, common, abundant, ect... aren't properly generating or seems off in some cases, common seems more than abundant.

5.  Need a better discription of the tile bonus's on the planet.  Currently it's hard to figure out what icon is giving what bonus.  One may figure this out through trial and error but, get's a little frustrating.

6.  Constant crashes when going to shipyard and clicking on manage...

7.  Can't dock more than six ships to a starbase, even though it appears you should be able to dock more.

8.  Like the auto build.

9.  Need to know what ships are being destroyed or are destroying enemy ships.  (assuming coming in future)

10.  Astroids on rare but all systems near my home word have them 6 in all.  If this is rare, I would assume maybe one would have astroids.  Related to point 4.

I'm sure more to come...  Thanks for the game so far.