Galactic Civilizations III Beta 1 Patch Notes

Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Galactic Civilizations III Beta 1 Patch Notes

For more on Beta 1, click here.

New Features

  • Updated ideology system adds lots of new ideologies with unique benefits
  • New Terran tech tree, for balanced gameplay
  • New Altarian tech tree, for better access to mysticism, defense and influence
  • New Drengin tech tree, for when you just want to kill something
  • New Iridium tech tree, for earlier access to economic and production abilities
  • Added shipyard construction queue
  • Added black holes. Black holes are impassable but the only source of antimatter
  • Added the approval system. Now your people judge how you are doing, which affects their productivity and growth
  • Added terraforming, to optimize your worlds and open up new areas to build improvements and give adjacency bonuses
  • Added improvement upgrading
  • Planet generation finalized: Planet traits finalized, planet features finalized, planet light map is now working with population
  • Ships can now be upgraded
  • Added huge ships to give players more weapons in the late game
  • Added 30 more colonization events
  • Added the antimatter resource. This is needed for some of the advanced missile and point defense augments
  • Elerium resource can now be harvested. Elerium is used for advanced beam weapons and shield augments
  • Durantium resource can now be harvested. Durantium is used for advanced kinetic weapons and armor


  • Complete rebalance
  • Map generation pass: Better randomization, more clumping, and players start further from each other


  • Tons of new art (starbases, icons, lighting and ships all look much better)
  • Rendering system finalized
  • Lighting finalized
  • Added a new starbase screen
  • Added the ship and fleet detail screens
  • Updated planet screen
  • Added lots of tooltips (even more will be coming)
  • Added the faction power list so you can see how well you are doing compared to other players
  • Added a "Research Unlocked" popup screen that displays the results of the tech you gained, and what it does


  • The AI knows how to upgrade ships
  • Added difficulty levels (Beginner, Normal, Heroic, Genius, and Godlike)