Research Queuing?

Posted on Saturday, August 2, 2014

Can we get queuing for research???

For me it allows the development of a long range 'strategic' plan independent of immediate tactical needs...


Also, since the research technologies are effectively on 'tracks' - for example:

diplomacy is on track D,

xeno industrialization & industrial specialization are on track C.XI

agricultural adaptation & agricultural optimization are on track C.PI.AA

beam weapons & beam weapon optimization are on track W.WS.BW

harpoons .. nightmare torpedoes are on track W.WS.MW.H

targeting assist .. cloaking systems are on track E.IT.IS.SO.TA

precursor understanding is on track E.IT.IS.XA!

(please note I have an indicator to show that this track leads to an 'outlier' technology)



can we get track identification in the technology details view


can the colorization of the tracks, in the various views, be more coherent and consistent

perhaps, instead of reusing the limited color palette for solid outlining and fills...

use it in 'banding' or 'hashing'; with green, orange, red and blue reserved for the root echelon and amber, yellow and purple for the sub-echelons (see above)


finally, can the tech icons be unique to the track

currently planetary specialization, agricultural optimization, support field generation and support field mastery all use the same icon

(none of the above four technologies are in the same track - in fact the two pairs are in different technology 'hives')

the use of a rationalized color scheme (as requested above) plus the inclusion of 'heraldic devices' in the formation of the new icons will allow the efficient reuse of the current icon set.


The adoption of my suggestions will vastly improve the process of information acquisition/recognition while in the research screens.


-David S.