Dev Stream Today (Friday August 1) at Noon Pacific

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014

It's that time of week again! Paul and I will be rocking out with our internal builds out (...yeah, sorry about that one, that was terrible) this afternoon. Join us on the official Stardock channel to see that latest in Galactic Civilizations III development and ask Paul your burning questions about burning down the galaxy and/or fiddling.

This week we've got a build that looks an awful lot like what we'll be getting into your hands as the official BETA version later this month. We couldn't be more excited. So ask us about it live on the stream, and Paul will almost certainly talk your ears off.

As always, drop your questions in the thread here if you can't make the stream. Sorry for the short notice; I was sick yesterday and been playing catch-up this morning. Operation Graceful Balding is behind schedule too (or is that ahead of schedule? In any case, )

Catch up on previous episodes on the Stardock YouTube channel, or swing by there later when I get today's stream published on that platform as well. Google may be buying Twitch, but the two platforms are still quite separate for the time being.

See you on the stream, and thanks for watching!

edit: we're up on YouTube.