Founders Program coming to an end

Posted on Saturday, July 26, 2014

With talk of the beta all around, I imagine the Elite Founders Program will be ending fairly soon, i guess in 6ish weeks orso. After the beta starts we will no doubt get a pretty large flood of new people who will ask many a question, so i figured this would be a good time talk a bit about the program. Maybe still a bit early.


Most of all i would love to hear something from Stardock about how they have experienced the program, what their expectations were going into it and how they have turned out. I believe i once read somewhere that less then 1000 Elite Founders were expected, yet there are around 3000 star names so far. Dev streams on youtube seem to get 1500-2500 views on average so it seems a fair amount of people is actively following development too. I wonder if stardock has any data too about how much the average founder has played the game, how much the 1% plays and how many people haven't at all or just a hour orso, maybe how many games have been played, if they are willing to share. 


As for myself, even tho i primarily got the founders pack for the good price on future content, I very much enjoyed the Brad Feedback pdfs posted to the founders vault, but sadly there has been a gap in them for a few months. Love the streams too, wish you guys could pull out a whole hour for them. Even tho the streams in the beginning were a lot of the same stuff, lately there has been new stuff almost every week. And Paul even plays races other then Terrans now! All in all i am very pleased with the amount of developer interaction and the kind of things they are willing to talk about. My biggest complaint is that i wish there were more regular updates to the Founders Vault and the site in general (Stories and Technology Databanks have been coming soon for a while), but i suppose wanting more lore and info is a good problem to have. 


How has everybody elses experience with the Elite Founders Program been?