The GalCiv3 Comprehensive Idea List: Revised.

"The list is life." ;-)

Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2014

THIS IS VERSION 4.3: currently under reconstruction.* (or I may have forgotten...)

There have been numerous good ideas for this game that have been read. Sadly because we are human, some may have been forgotten or discarded. I am sure Stardock has a great creative process to remember good ones, but this list is a courtesy as there are currently 14 pages with about fifty posts on each one.

Alpha game ideas are welcome, not bug reports or what's absent (duh ). Features already in game or planned to be will be removed from the list as they are added and announced to the alpha/beta.

Here is a easy to read list of all the ideas I have found.


1. A enhanced ship leveling system.

2. Ship promotions: a system that gives more than HP as a reward.

3. A way to easily upgrade multiple ships at once.

4. Star base docking and joint tile defense with fleets.

5. Total planetary bombardment and super weapons. (or the ability to modd it.)

6. Some kind of late game super weapon.

7. Heros/admirals/commanders/crews.

8. Logistics influencing ship range.

9. Logistics impacts planetary defense and invasion.

10. Capturing ships/star bases.

11. Require colonization ability of a planet type before allowing that type to be invaded.

12. Q-ships; appearing as other vessels to the AI.

13. Putting firing arcs on weapons so weapons can't fire in all directions.

14. Ability to coordinate joint attacks/defense with allies in the same battles.

15. Unmarked ships for raiding planets for resources and planets.




1. Science vessels. A module that adds a set amount of research.

2. Starbase population modules.

3. Different laser beam colors.

4. Over clocking components. To increase the size of a component for increased effects. The same for under clocking applies.

5. Old galciv2 design imports.

6. Starbase designer.

7. Fire control modules; fire on multiple ships at once per round.

8. Customizable hull stats; points allocated into basic categories to make up a custom variant of ship hulls.

9. Sensor Arrays with variable angles of visibility.

10. Sensor pods to create a sensor net along your boarder.

12. Continuous build button for a shipyard.




1. Civics and ideology that influence the probably of rebellion.

2. More ways to make and prevent planetary rebellion.

3. More playable civilizations.

4. Multiple leaders per civilization.




1. "Dyson Ring" orbital Power Stations.

2. Improvement modules that increase output and efficiency, like; larger living quarters in factories=more output.

3. On/off switch for improvements to reduce maintenance in hard economic times.

4. Clear all button for improvements in the build queue.

5. Selective update of improvements; specify what category of improvement is upgraded first.




1. Custom planets for custom races; a way to customize your home system at the game setup.

2. Partly random race selections in game setup.

3. Blind tech advancement.

4. Pocket universes; a area that is accessible from one tile. (Also a large. Area initially out of reach of colonization was wanted to. Like a mirror universe.)

5. Chosen completed tech branches.

6. Optional tech branch speeds;

7. Different race life forms; be like the Yor as robots, or organic, or something in between.

8. Partly Randomized tech tree cost.

9. Partly Randomized improvement cost.

10. Custom civ traits that can define your play style. Example: +% in laser damage, or +% armor.

11. Rainbow worlds: full of resources but weird stuff tends to happen if you colonize them.

12. A minimum threshold of habitability/colonization for the AI.

13. A way to have homeless players in games, including the player.

14. Selectable landing zones for colonies.




1. Special dialogue between allies, and specific tasks.

2. More relation factors.

3. More treaties to give.

4. Defensive pacts.

5. Add Morgan Freemen's voice as a valuable diplomatic resource for the game.

6. Closed/open borders agreements.

7. Ships can get range a increases in allied territory. (for a fee possibly)

8. Civ credit ratings.

9. Request allies to research techs. And joint tech research.

10. Trade routes can yield production, research, or minor morale boosts.

11. Ultimatums and time dead lines for demands.

12. Planet liberation. (return the planet to the original owner, and you get all surviving troops and transport.)

13. The ability to loan/rent starports, or other things.

14. The use of collateral for trades.

15. Third party deals; have someone make a deal for you or with someone.

16. The ability to surrender to a faction becoming a vassal state; Doing so may result in losing your super ability or other bonuses.

18. Option to give credits per turn in diplomacy.

19. Population trading.

20. Federations; A very strong alliance that merges two civs into one.




1. Improve the way influence is calculated; economy, and morale can be factors.

2. Grant visibility within friendly borders.

3. Influence can help go to grow population.

4. Options when someone violates your closed borders agreement; destroying the single ship instead of a automatic conflict.

5. Planet influence tile limits; so a super planet can't go over a sector or a entire small map.

6. civs cannot colonize planets in your influence.




1. Asteroids that give research or economics if chosen.

2. Two populations; one civilian and one military.




1. Researching multiple techs at once. (you may have to research this ability. Lol  )

2.  Research points can be dispersed and spent if you have multiple techs at the same time.

3. Unending technology research. tech branches become more potent the second time being researched.

4. Enable race research bonuses in specific tech areas. Example: Drengin get double the research points when researching Warfare tech.

5. Let Research Treaties allow techs either civs couldn't do alone.

6. Object based requirements for techs. (ships, starbases, and treaties)

7. Ability to capture and reverse engineer ships to learn technologies.




1. Allow Vassal states in conquest victories. (So everyone doesn't have to die.)

2. Capital victory. (conquer all enemy home worlds.)

3. Espionage victory. (Advanced intelligence on all civs, and spies on X% worlds for X turns.)

4. Economic victory. (be the richest and or most influential civ.)

5. Domination victory. (like the influence victory but with population)

6. Super technology victory. research all techs to win, (possibly twice or more) and build the winning super project.

7. No victory conditions selected. (for when you just want to play forever.)




1. AI can declare war on first encounter with you in real games.

2. Applying to ALL game aspects, may there ALWAYS be a defense or a way to lessen negative effects via strategy.

3. In game editors. (like in civ)

4. Smarter automated scouting and way points.

5. Computer generated opponents.

6. Ship auto pilot UI is reverted to one color like galciv2.

8. Support for scripting languages that could allow players to add new game play mechanics.

9. Fully adjustable AI; Have one slider decide how much help you or the AI gets with production, research, and economy. And the old AI intelligence/algorithm slider to make a game with a more customizable difficultly.

10. Animated leader reactions/movement when given proposed deals.

11. Non-humanoid aliens.

12. Customizable ship launch directions.





1. Civil wars. A group of planets rebelling at the same time for independence.

2. Auto trigger events button that isn't a cheat code. like the disaster button in SimCity.

3. Race specific random events. Like Drengin declaring war if your Torian or machines Rebelling if your the Iconian.

4. An event were special abilities can stop working when they are needed. i.e Altarians not getting help in wars.

5. Random event missions for ships and your empire. (explore X sector or improve relations with X empire or be first to complete X tech for a reward.

6. Planetary events don't always have to be ideological.

7. A in game Slider for impact level of events. (to turn off game wrecking events leaving in flavor, minor, and/or challenging events.)

8. A difficulty tag on events for easy modding or in game selection of controversial events. (1=easy 2=medium 3=hard and could be turned off with the proposed slider.)





1. Make spies easier to train; a flat rate to create.

2. Spy costs scale with the amount active; when a spy is lost the cost scales with the amount active, so the price isn't exponential if you loose spies. (if 1. is ignored.)

3. Spy interrogation; find out what civ sent the spy.

4. If you place a spy in a research lab, instead of nullifying the lab you can steal research points from the lab each turn. Or steal a tech easier.

5. Missions against planets that can increase the probability of revolt and loss of assets.

6. Spies are not detected the first turn of infiltration, unless your espionage score is high enough.

7. Ability to intercept communications of deals and interactions between other civs via espionage.






If you have a idea write it in a similar format and in as short as possible in a post and I'll add it. Keep it simple though, long paragraphs and riddled words belong as a legitimate post to express it properly. So don't waste your time writing hear when you can descriptively express your idea in a separate post.

Thanks and remember, this is to make ideas easy to read, track, and most importantly remember until the game is released and maybe beyond that, V.s every forum and post made being independent. So post a abbreviated version of whatever forum you've made here if you can, to help make a better more intuitive community!