3D map Please!

I do not like the 2d hex map

Posted on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello , I absolutely dislike the 3d hexagon map , it doesn't make me feel like in space but on a flat terrain with some painted stars over .


IT feels like civilization rather than a space experience .


Also all those big huge suns with all planets visible ....



  The galaxy shoudl be made 3d , navigable in 3d with Only stars and larger celestial objects visible , then when you focus on one star it highlights only the Sun and the proximity stars reacheable , then if you double click or select the sun it opens a new 3d map of the whole system, ......that's how I always liked and wanted a space game . not a bidimensional hex map but a whole 3d space .

if it has issues then please solve them but do not serve a flat boring and ugly 2d map please .


Also stoo with the cartoonish look and all bright colors, on map , please use realistic belieavable colors .