Hexes? Really?

Posted on Monday, June 30, 2014

Here we are in our third version of Galactic Civilizations.  I figured maybe we could ditch grids completely.  But they do have some use.


Hexes, on the other hand, though having some use, create really silly situations that look down right stupid.  For instance, my colony ship is moving to the southern end of the map.  On a grid, in the previous games, the ship made a clean arc to the proper rank and then moved in a straight path to the destination.

On the hex-grid, however, the colony ship snakes back and forth every hex, completely destroying any immersion, unless you just happen to be on the perfect rank.


Perhaps it's a back-end thing?  Couldn't you use an UI overlay each time you click on a ship to show it's possible range in an arc (with the option to turn it off)?

Couldn't we just measure, like in sandbox style, tabletop gaming, from point to point?


I really cannot stress just how bad Gal Civ III look on a hex-grid.


Captain Tolan T. Grimm