Newby to the series needing some help

Posted on Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hey guys,

I bought the founder elite edition of the game a while back and have just started testing out the alpha!

I have a couple of questions about gameplay as i have never played any of the galactic civ games before!

To increase (movement) range of your ships do you have to either colonize a planet or put up a starbase? only way i have been able to increase my movement range so far by using those two methods!

What is the maximum amount of ships i can have in a fleet? its seems that when i try and add more ships to a fleet of 3 or more it just makes the added ships sit on top of that fleet and not merge!

Last question is, how do i mine Durantium and Elerium, and what benefits does this give me in the early alpha access?

Thanks in advance guys