various thoughts, issues alpha 0.3

Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2014

i will be adding to this as i come up with more 


only 1 atm

1) scroll wheel for planetary construction que needs to be about 8x more sensitive

     - atm i need to scroll my wheel about 8 ticks (from all the way at the top to all the way at the bottom) to move the que about 1/2 a line.(literally) this means that to move the que far enough to see the 6th item in que i need to roll my finger across the whole mouse wheel 2x it should move at the very least 1/2 line per tick not 1/16th of a line


This is a known issue and we have a fix for it, but missed that list box, will get it fixed ASAP.

2) the colony ship always seems to launch with 2.5 people no matter what you set the slider to

2. the colony ship bug is fixed internally, and will be in the Alpha 3 patch, coming out in a week or so. 

3) is there a way to change the source for population? right now it always takes from my homeworld (the world that made the starport) and my population there is getting kind of low

3. By default we were going to just have population be pulled from the primary sponsor, but now that we have played with it a bit, we are considering making it just pull them from each of the sponsor planets evenly. But we may have to add a way to choose which planet manually. Its a hard call, as we don't want the process to become over complicated.  

4) adjacency bonus's are not calculating right or not showing up right.

5) build star base button on constructors should list the cost to build atm its just grayed out and says something to the effect of insufficient funds

6) tile bonus  -cataract-   +2 level to production or +2 level to influence improvements

what is bieng modified by +2 level to production is that all farms, research, economy, and manufacturing tiles?

7) ship moves  having all the ships move at the same time is nice but kind of annoying too i think it should be stepped all survey ships then all colony ships etc . to prevent multiple popups when trying to colonize a planet

8) colony building after double clicking on a project to build i think the next selected tile should be the closest available tile to where you just built rather then closest tile to colony capital

9) in my opinion the production wheel need to be rotated slightly point manufacturing straight down and overlap the tip with the military/social slider to strengthen visually the relationship between these two controls

 10) constructor modules - when using a constructor with multiple modules to build a starbase any extra modules are lost.

10b) possibly use a late game tech for reducing constructor module size


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