Alpha 3 first thoughts

Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick first impression feed back on the new tech tree.


Tech Tree

  1. The popup with the current research should be in the upper left by the 4 tech tree types/subdivisions.
    1. Visually I see it as your current research being more to the left and future should be free on the right side
    2. The pop up on the right currently block the upper right most techs making them hard to see. If it blocks tech on the left this is less important as you have already researched them and you can always scroll the screen to read them as the upper left of the tech tree is open to start with.
  2. The currently selected research item should have the borders sparkling and spinning or something else that easily separates it out so you can see with a quick glance. Right now it highlights the left and right side of the selection, however you can get the same highlighting from tech farther down the tree but you are not actually actively selecting them.
  3. Add the ability to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel on the tech tree so that you may see it all at once to give you a better sense of your overall accomplishment as you zoom out.


P.S.  Love the star port for building ships concept, it adds a whole different tactical level!