Galactic Civilizations III - Alpha Patch 0.30

Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014

*** Released 06/24/2014 ***

Old save files will not be compatible with the ship designer. You will have to start a new game in order to use the Ship Designer.


Implemented Starports (which are likely to be renamed). Ships are no longer built on planets, but from Starports in space. You must determine how much of your production a planet spends on its infrastructure, and how much it contributes to Starports it supports. Starports can be unanchored and moved across the map, but they cannot produce ships while moving and they suffer a production penalty the farther away they get from the planet that sponsors them. Be sure to protect your Starports; they are ripe targets for attack.

Starbases can now mine resources.

Added Durantium and Elerium as resources.

Enabled Medium and Large maps in Galaxy Settings.

Enabled Spiral, Globular, Clustered and Scattered Galaxy Types in Galaxy Settings.

Enabled settings for Star Frequency, Planet Frequency, Habitable Planet Frequency, Asteroid Frequency, Nebulae Frequency, Resource Frequency and Anomaly Frequency.

Starting Military AI is in, the AI will fleet up and begin to hunt you down.

New Hard point system for making it easier to build ships.

New Planet Generation System.

New system for automatically generating ships (so you have more designs available based on the techs you have access to).



Memory usage dropped significantly.

Fixed an issue with the Idealogy Screen no unlocking points properly.

Fixed an issue with symmetry in the ship Designer.

Fixed crashes.

Fixed numerous little issues.

Fixed lots of little multiplayer issues.

Significant performance improvements.


New tech tree.

Improvements rebalanced.

Weapons rebalanced.

Anomolly exploration results rebalanced.

(pretty much everything rebalanced)


New Planet Screen.

New Ship Yard Screen.

Enabled the full Tech Tree Screen.

Added Resources tab on the main screen.

Updated the Government Screen to include the Manufacturing Slider.

Updated Strategic Icons and implemented the new Nebula and dust cloud icons.

Made changes to darken the background nebulas.

Implemented Economy lines (graphical lines in the game world to visualize the moving of resources).

Added visual effects when ships fight (not the full battle screen, but something while we wait).

New sexy asteroids.