Music, Music, Music

Posted on Friday, May 23, 2014

Everyone here is busy considering gameplay . . . Since I'm late to that dance, and since I've got a fondness for the music of this game (now and in the past) I wanted to say a few words about what currently is in the game . . . what may be in the game . . . and what can we get into the game.


I've been really taken with the new version of the Main Theme.  A great piece, that at times borders on a masterwork! 

If this piece is a collaboration between Mr. Mason Fisher and Mr. Geoff Knorr, then I say bravo!  It begins with the classic theme and then, at 20 seconds in,  weaves it into something new, something aspirational, something very HUMAN.  At 28 seconds we get the first Creshendo, but not the last, as we climb the metaphorical mountain in a amazing, full throated chorus of Brass and Strings and Percussion that lasts until the one minute mark (the chimes are a particular favorite of mine).

This 32 second bit is what I really want to see more of in the game.  That theme could be twisted into a few different ambient pieces that could easily compliment much of the early and middle games. 

At the 2:14 mark, everything quiets down down a few notches, but the violas and cellos keep time and the violins and flutes sing a ballad and we imagine the successes and failures of our growing Civilizations, leading to the ultimate goal, found at the 3:49 mark.  And we're at the peak, we've succeeded and our people have attained the apex we have striven for.

Frogboy, in his comments, stated his preference that the Main theme only be played as the game opens.  He's probably right about that.  Yet I cannot help but think that by keeping the themes developed here and kept here would be a missed opportunity.  There is great potential, especially in the 2:14 to 3:49 area, for ambient music that can build tension, build anticipation, build excitement, without exhausting the listener.

I know many people choose not to listen to the music the game comes with.   I would love to have this game be one of the few, like the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, that people feel like they'll need to own if only just for the music.


I'm really tired right now, so if I've prattled on, forgive me.  Yet I am passionate about the music and would encourage the Development team to perhaps ring some more work outta Mr. Fisher and Mr. Knorr.


His Grimmness, Tolan Tiberius Grimm

Glorigoth, Capitol, the Grimmian Federation