Starbase limit?

Posted on Monday, May 19, 2014

So I've read that there is an overall limit of starbases in gal civ 2 by 4/sector. I've always found that particular "meta-game" to be rather annoying. There will always be that race that spams influence stations everywhere and really becomes a nuisance on multiple levels, and having to deal with that and the more militarized races is a little much to me. Maybe that's a core aspect of this game that people enjoy, but I hope I'm not alone.

I'd like to see stations changed thusly, or at least in a similar fashion; a 5 level research line, 2 stations per level. Maybe additional research lines for each station type for unlocking new modules or other special things? Stations should be more powerful, too, and something the computer should try to defend. Longer build times, significant investment? Also maybe an option for flipping them and depriving the enemy faction of a starbase and the slot for it if they're deep in your territory (maybe a boarding party? maybe some sort of information warfare? Captured starbases shouldn't count towards the limit, but they also can't be rebuilt by you if destroyed). This makes me wonder, too... do building stations in enemy territory have any diplomatic penalty in 2? I get pretty hostile when someone starts doing it to me. I feel like stations should be more important than something you just throw at the enemy and hope they don't destroy them - there should be risk and loss. They should be expensive and really worth having around in numerous ways... almost like planets you build.

I also kind of only suggest this because in larger games, I get a bit overwhelmed at the activity of the enemy and how efficient they are at erecting these things all over the map like it ain't even a bother. The computer has the ability to move, and pay attention to a lot more stuff than I can apparently.

Apologies if this isn't relevant anymore in some way (already in galciv3, starbases removed, research is changed, etc etc).


Some other ideas;

- Maybe allow decommissioning starbases that are no longer useful where they are to free up a slot. Say, once you decommission it, it can't be activated until a slot is freed up, and it takes a week or something to activate again. Also maybe make it impossible to upgrade it while it's decom'd, and still have an upkeep fee to keep spam at bay.