The Snathi spread terror in another galaxy :)

Posted on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

As i was reading  a sci fi book by J.Campbell Beyond the Frontier:Invincible  , a fast conclusion  formed in my mind: the heroes are screwed , they have meet the Snathi :

“(...)There are various—Oh, you mean this time? We haven’t had time to get the real remains and manipulate them. Those are still in quarantine. But we had virtual copies made and were able to play with those until we fit them together.” The doctor made fitting together small pieces of once-living creatures sound like a fascinating pastime.

Next to the surgeon, a large image appeared.
Geary stared, speechless for a moment. Finally recovering, he tapped a control to forward the image. “Tanya, this is what they look like.”
She gave him a curious glance, then sat looking for a while at the image Geary had sent before she could say anything. “You’re kidding.”
“Teddy bears.” Desjani pointed at the chubby, furry image. “We were attacked by teddy bears?”
The creature, at least in this virtual reconstruction, was about a meter tall and covered with short, curly fur. The virtual image didn’t display any blood or exposed internal body parts, just blurred filler in sometimes large sections where needed. The creature, with gleaming eyes set amid chubby cheeks, a shovel snout that seemed more cowlike than bearlike, and rounded ears above the skull, appeared to be . . . cute. “They’re carnivores?” Geary asked the doctor.
“No. Herbivores.”
“Cows,” Desjani said in a hollow voice. “Cute little cows. Homicidal, cute little teddy bear-cows who build giant war machines.
Geary took another look at the image, his imagination supplying a malicious glint to the adorable eyes set in the chubby face of the teddy bear-cow.



 I really laughed hard , it tottaly matched my reccolection from galciv 2. For those that dont remember, it was a independant race that was quite fearsome and looked like this :

They also had a lot of funny puns about nuts and  stuff:) Hope they will be back in Galciv 3 , or somethign equally hilarious:)