What am I exactly getting if I buy this game now?

Posted on Monday, May 12, 2014

I am trying to do my homework. I see it's in Alpha Stage and suppose to go to Beta stage in May. Well it's May now and I am trying to find the current build of what we can do but my search fu is week, and after an hour I thought I would come to the forums for help to see if I should make this purchase for $100.

So what build are we in? I thought from what I read it should be in Beta but May is not over yet, and have the feeling it's still in Alpha. I read you can't make your ships, then I read you can. I read there is no diplomacy in yet. So much not in the game I read, but not sure if they have been added in or not. So is there a list of what we can do right now?

So here is my questions on what I would like to do now. 

1 Can we make ships now? If so, is it limited or can we fully customize now? Is it looks only or can we make our own ships like Masters of Orion?

2 How is ship combat. For the life of me I don't remember what combat was like in GC II. I usually just fiddled making my own ship and never got into combat.

3 Is diplomacy in? If so what can we do?

4 Do we have spies? I love having a great spy game. If no spies is it planned to be in? If so how involved will they be? What can or can't do?

5 Technology. How good is the tech tree? Is it the same all the time for every race? 

6 Planetary building. How is that like? I have been so disappointed with colony building as of late for 4X space games. I really want to feel like I am building a colony and planet.

7 What planets or star types can we colonize? I always wanted to colonize gas planets and hate that they can't be colonized. What about gas mines and floating cities?

And my last point, is the game FUN? I love Stardock. I have bought a lot of their games even though I didn't play them much. Paying $100 seems a bit much right now, since I see I haven't played GC II much. What has GC III really to offer me right now to pay $100 for? Yes it's nice to see a named star after you, but what if you never see this star? Will we ever only have see named stars that people bought or will they only be in the game randomly?

Just want to make sure, since I bought about 5 or more games and nothing is keeping my attention to be playing for very long.