Ship Design Feedback (some editing suggestions)

Posted on Friday, May 9, 2014

So, I like all the little features provided in the ship designer. I spent about an hour working on making linear motion from rotational motion when I realized that you had a movement animation. So after I created a walking spaceship (moving legs and such, inspired me to possibly create a walking AT-AT)

I like the symmetry, but I do not necessarily like the fact with symmetry comes any component placed on a symmetric object automatically gets duplicated. (Although, I don't think you should change how you are doing it... design quirk is how I look at this feature)

I found when placing components like the chaff system or deflector, I look at the scale options, because I would like to scale it... then I find that it is scaled in an interesting fashion already. Problem is now I have to futz with this scale percentage wise myself. I say this is not a desirable outcome. I know you created these objects from grouping things together and made the scale fit your designs. I think when you save such an object that the scale gets reset to 100 on this piece (if possible), so I can click on proportional scaling and it will keep the scale you set it at and it will scale proportionally.

Proposal to the proportional scaling button: If I click on proportional scaling it should not set the scaling to X = Y = Z, it should set up another variable W that when moved up or down will scale X, Y, and Z by the scale factor of W (a percentage if you will, so it would be X*W, Y*W, Z*W)

Hence, if you set X to 50, and Y to 100 and Z to 130, then I press proportional scaling, I get a W = 100, then I reduce to W = 50... then the scaling should end with

X = 25, Y = 50 and Z = 75. This is how I think proportional scaling should be used (I set up the way the object looks, then I scale keeping the relative percentages the same on the object. It will solve the problem I described above. See the screen shot of the deflector shield scaling... It will be difficult for me to keep that shape and reduce its scale proportionally as it must be done manually.


say I want this half size, I would have to manually set X to 50, Y to 12 and Z to 22. This would work, but problem is the object grouping doesn't do this very well... The attachments of these objects are not being respected. (Look you see a separation)

I would expect that the scaling should attach the object to the hard-point of the other. There is no particular way for me to scale this object down, although it does look "half" as large as the original in scale. (note: I did move the component up to see the offset)

Liking the editor, look forward to some of the changes.