Flight simulator games recommendations? ( Favor Space and helicopter sims)

Posted on Thursday, May 8, 2014

Long story short, I inherited a large lot of joysticks ( the flight sim types, not the arcade type ). Some pretty fancy ones in there. Most of them will probably end up for sale on Ebay but I still gotta test them. And then will likely keep one or two for myself.

I have never been much into flight sims but I really loved Nova Logic Comanche back in the days, and an old game called Mantis.  Too a lesser extend I recall trying a game called Freespace 2 at some point and thinking it was pretty good but really I dont know much about those game and what little I know is very dated. 

I feel kind of motivated about playing a good one now, plus getting to try all those joysticks.  Any suggestions?  I am looking for something rather modern. I still have Comanche 4 CD somewhere but that is like 12 years old.   I favor helicopter and space simulator over Plane and jets simulator.  I also tend to favor a more Arcadish game over an obsessively realistic one.