Gripe About weaponry and defenses

Posted on Monday, May 5, 2014

Hiya All,


My only real nitpick about this game and the other Galciv games is the way the weaponry and defenses are handled, i mean it just makes it pretty predictable on what to do on your ship depending on which race you are fighting at the time, because their weapon and defenses of choice are the same, all the time, which makes it an easy win.


Maybe later on they might sort this out, but on previous games, i never lost to the AI because of this, the way i see it, the best way to make it less easy is to make all weapons need to get passed shields, then armour to get to the hull of the ship, that way, you can use whatever weapon you like, but you won't get an overly easy fight or a overly hard fight depending solely on which race you face.


In all other games of this Genre, that i play on a regular basis use their weapons and defenses my way and it always works, when i played GalCiv and its sequel, i had to always modify the game, so that all the races used lasers, shields and armour, instead of different types, just to make it more better.


The main thing i love about Galactic Civilization games are the special events when colonizing another planet, where you can choose to be good, neutral or evil, the thing that ruins it for me is the way they did the weapons and defenses, i hope they change how they do it, cause it really isn't that creative, it just makes it a 50-50 chance you get utterly slaughtered or they get utterly slaughtered, it has nothing to do with technology or numbers, just if you have the right defenses and/or weapons.


Otherwise, its a fun game to play....but i do my best to avoid war as much as possible since how poorly done it is with the weapons and defenses.