Non-humanoid Aliens

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I would like to see one or two non-humanoid alien species added to GalCiv3, why I appreciate that the lore gives an explanation of why most species are humanoid is it impossible for any non-humanoid to be sentient in the GalCiv universe.

I don’t count Thalan’s as non-humanoid by the way as just doing a humanoid with funny backwards looking arms doesn’t really count in my opinion. I seem to remember them being less humanoid in GC2 or am I wrong?

However how about adding a few more exotic species?

What about a Mollusc like life form that evolved on a low G world? As one example after all we know Mollusc’s can be highly intelligent as Cephalopods show. This is just one example.

Why four limbs? Why Bilateral Symmetry? There are so many possibilities that could be explored.

Sadly I think Stardock have always preferred the man in the rubber suit style of aliens, the one thing I didn’t like about GC2.

Regardless of what Stardock decide I intend to start work on a non-humanoid species mod for GC3 as it’s something I have lots of ideas for and I really think would be refreshing.