Game cannot run on my old comp; Am I screwed?

Posted on Thursday, April 24, 2014

I have an HP 4540s laptop. It is the only machine that can run GalCiv 3. It's Windows 7 and up to date in terms of DirectX and all that, but GalCiv 3 gives me a message that it might not run properly on drivers older than like 2013 (my Intel drivers are a few months older).

I have tried my hardest to update my laptop's video drivers, but they aren't 'authorized' by Intel' and HP isn't up to date (2013-wise). My laptop can run it all fine, including whatever version of DirectX is necessary, but GalCiv 3 has major defects. These:


The text in the game never disappears, and it makes the game upplayable. Should I try to upgrade my OS a year from now, or expect appropriate modifications to GalCiv4?