Feature suggestion: Track races of planet citizens

Posted on Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Feature suggestion: Master of Orion 3 had this feature where the different races of citizens were tracked, and had different bonuses/abilities and could colonise different classes of planets.  A diverse civilisation had significant advantages because it could colonise more planets, and focus research/trade/war more effectively.  There were significant challenges with morale and interplanetary migration, of course.

The whole time I played Gal Civ 2, I was thinking "this is what a modern MOO looks like, the only thing it's missing is citizen races.  I hope they put it into Gal Civ 3, if it ever gets made".


Since I posted this, I've been keeping up with forum posts and have realised this thread is posted in the wrong area for such a suggestion, so thought I should make a specific thread to catch this suggestion specifically.

I also noted a comment in the first dev stream video which pre-dated this suggestion, which went something like: "we spend a lot of time discussing suggestions that don't really feel like they fit in Gal Civ".  Still, I feel that given the importance of Influence and that taking planets from your opponents in a number of ways is such a core part of the game, it still feels like Gal Civ is missing this mechanic.



Speaking of conquest by influence, one of the things that bothered me a little in GC2 was no matter if the planet was colonized by me, it defected to me, I invaded it or bought it, there was no difference. Any plans on making this different in GC3?