(Suggestion) rotate button

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ive been playing around with the alpha for 2 days now and am very impressed on the playability and lack of bugs of the game.


One problem i have which i hope can be addressed before launch is the rotation button. I know this is set to the middle button on the mouse which for me is a mouse wheel. I dont know how many people this affects but I am unable to rotate the camera around in the ship preview or the map, which once the ship designer comes out will be crucial. I had the same problem with GC2 when i tried it a while ago and gave up on the game because of it.


Would it be possible to in the future remap the rotate key? or add a function to for example hold the alt key and have the screen rotate with the mouse movement?


Also why cap the alpha after all the tech has been researched?