Opening ideas (first game played)

Posted on Sunday, April 6, 2014

So far I really like this game. I just started my first game, and I felt that my opening impressions will be useful. After all the first game can set the mood for new players to a game, and how we are after having played 10 games is a lot different than on day 1.


1) Right away I felt that I should be able to select what tile my Capital and starport are placed on. Nothing is worse than having a cool tile that can specialize in research or manufacturing and having your capital on it wasting the resource. A natural wonder under your spaceport, or mineral rich under them... Just a minor point that would reduce the amount of re-rolls on a opening game. Rerolling can be frustrating and time consuming. Then you get a pretty good one and re-roll just because you think it could be better and then regret re-rolling because you go on a streak of terrible random configurations.

2) Some game parameter that governs how many tiles/special features each tile may have in your opening settings (which I know are not in place yet) to avoid re-rolls. Just like in the Civilization games a player can re-roll their start until they get something they like, It's wasted effort and shouldn't be something that can convey an advantage. It's not a fun part of starting a new game.


3) A summary screen when you finish a technology that says something along the lines of "you have researched X" you can then see the thing(s) it unlocked. Sometimes it's nice to see this and think "ohh yeah, I was doing this before" this is useful after returning to a saved game after a spell being away from it, or even while grinding turns and not paying too much attention to things.

The same would be useful on the planet menu. When you have an idle planet and you click on the button, You see the new thing you built on the planet highlighted in some fashion reminding you what you built.

4) A ship completed notification would be great so ships don't start piling up waiting to be ejected. Also, it should say "Launched" I'd think, sounds better than eject. Ejecting a ship made me think the first time round... "will this cancel the job I just completed?"

5) I found the whole circle representation of how much space a planet has confusing until I settled each one and remembered which was which. Some clear way of seeing a planet's capacity before settling would be great. or a tool-tip summary that explicitly says"12 colonizable hexes(inert lore appropriate term)". During my first game I didn't know that the 12 meant 12 tiles. A tip saying this would smooth out the tiny learning curves a person experiences during their initial impressions of the game.


6) Geothermal icon has "+2 to population Impartments(sic))


7) It would be good to see how many credits we have and what the income is next to it. Losing credits is a serious problem and seeing the trend in surplus credits unfolding as you make choices without having to mouse-over every turn would be great. It would spur research into Maintenance decrease techs etc. if they were required before it became a problem.


I'll add to the post as I play again in the morning.